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Kids and Family Portrait Creation FAQ


Why to do a Professional Family Photo Shoot?


Parenting is a lot of work, free time is rare and kids are unpredictable… so why spend money on scheduling a family photo shoot?

Here are some reasons:

  • Family photo shoots give everyone in the family an opportunity to be in front of the lens. Someone is always the picture-taker, meaning, they never appear in pictures. Having someone else take a group picture ensures that everyone gets to be a part of the memory.
  • Our kids grow up so fast. Their little faces change on a daily basis and you just can’t compare a clear, quality photograph of your child’s face to a low-resolution, high pixelated cell phone pic. We spend so much time and money on classes, parties, adorable outfits and other memory making experiences that it’s easy to forget that there is so much value in freezing those memories in photos.
  • We believe that a photo session and prints are an investment to your family history. You’ll never get that certain point of time in your life back, but through pictures it can be documented FOREVER.


What is the best age to photograph my baby?


Newborn photo sessions are best within the first 2 weeks of birth. During this time, your newborn will likely sleep most during the day, which will allow us to move her around without waking easily.


The next good time for baby photos is around 3-4 months when babies have good head control. Your baby has started to respond regularly to your voice, and your face, even though they are still very limited in positions they can hold, capturing these beautiful interactions between individual family members and child can be quite magical.

And who can resist tummy time shots? 


Then again when babies are between 6-8 months – there’s a window of opportunity at this age that is ideal for photos – right when baby is able to sit-up unassisted (it’s ok to be a little wobbly) but not yet crawling. This age makes for some of our cutest sessions! Our clients love our unique styles and both B&W and colour shots of this age, we have numerous props that work well for these ages if you wish to use them.


Then of course, around 12 months when babies are on their feet! First birthdays are a time of Celebration! Of course this session does not have to be Birthday themed at all, it can purely be them as they are, cute, natural and loved! A 12 month old loves exploring outside, especially if they are comfortable standing holding on to something, or have already started walking.


Additional milestones are at 18 months to 2 years old - just an adorable age, you could eat them up they are so cute!! They love you to pieces, say or do the funniest things and are too delicious for words! Then yearly around the holidays for some awesome family photos.



Teens and in-betweens are at an age where they either think a photo shoot is going to be the most boring difficult thing they have ever endured (boys) or are so photo happy from endless “selfies” that they can’t wait to be in front of the camera (girls). The boys always leave greatly surprised that they actually enjoyed it and it wasn’t hard at all and the girls leave so excited and can’t wait to see the photos! Winners all round!


Encourage your teenagers to bring along several changes of clothing they love to wear! Add accessories, jackets, scarves, hats, makeup if desired, hair clips etc, gel, items they love such as instruments, sporting equipment if appropriate, headphones/music…whatever floats their boat!


Don’t leave your children to boring school portraits once a year! Family portrait photography is a wonderful way to capture your child’s milestones and blossoming personality. From quirky smiles and giggles to the whimsy and curiosity of childhood. Professional photography is the perfect way to capture your family’s love as beautiful art.